How We Do Business

The description below is that for a typical wedding reception but the general principles apply to all event types.

Quotations and Extra Charges

We try to keep everything as simple as possible. Our quotes include the things we need to provide the meal, including linen, crockery, cutlery and behind the scenes catering equipment.

There are, however, three additional cost areas. Two of these are glassware and the serving of any welcome drinks. These will be identified as separate items in our quotations when we are going to provide them. If they are not included you will be responsible for providing these items.

1. Glassware

Companies or venues providing a bar service, including Four & 20, will usually provide glassware free of charge. If Four & 20 does not provide a bar service we will charge for glassware rental, which will be determined on an individual basis.

2. Welcome drink

Waiting staff to serve the welcome drink will be charged at £10 per hour per person plus VAT (£12 per hour including VAT). We will advise how many staff you will need based on the number of guests. This price will be reduced by 50% if Four & 20 provides canapés at the same time as the welcome drinks.

3. Staff costs

The third area of additional charges relates to our staff costs. Although, the costs of staff to cook and serve your meal are included in our rates, we make assumptions about how long we need them. If we need them for longer because of a customer request, this additional cost will be chargeable to the customer.

Our staff will leave when the meal is finished and we have cleared away. For pricing, we assume this will be no later than 9pm (11pm in the case of bar staff). This assumes that we serve canapés an hour before the meal (if providing) and leave directly after the meal or in the event that we provide an evening meal, directly after the evening meal before 9pm.

Should we be requested to serve the meal later than one hour after canapés are served, there will be a charge of £12 per member of staff per hour. Should our staff be required at customer request to stay beyond 9pm (or 11pm in the case of bar staff), there will be an extra charge at a higher rate. Where this additional time is agreed in advance we can calculate this once timings and requirements have been discussed. It is, however, usually at £20 per member of staff per hour. If unplanned staff costs are incurred, these will be charged at £30 per member of staff per hour plus any additional transport costs at cost plus 20%.

We can create a meal to any specification or you can take guidance from our sample menus. We advise, however, that in choosing what to serve your guests you bear in mind that there will an incredible range of likes and dislikes, as well as special dietary needs. We have many years of experience and can help guide you through this process. In fact, talking about food is one of the things we most love doing.

Tasting sessions

If you like the idea of working with us, you are more than welcome to come to a tasting session at our development kitchen in Banbury. This is to give you an idea of the standard of the food that we produce, if you like what you taste we can then work out menus based around you.


Once a menu has been decided upon (changes, however, can always be made) and the “order of play” is discussed, we ask you to sign a contract and pay a small deposit to secure the date. Numbers will fluctuate a little from then until the day, which isn’t a problem at all. Two weeks in advance we then request final numbers and full payment accordingly. Our standard terms and conditions of contract can be found via the navigation bar above.

On the day

We will turn up in the morning on the day of the event. We will lay your tables in preparation for the meal. (in conjunction with your venue or marquee provider, this can be done beforehand if arranged with ourselves). Your guests arrive; they drink and eat according to the schedule. We are happy to cut the cake for you according to your instructions so long as it fits within our working day. We clear everything away on the day and leave.

Evening food

Depending as to whether you’re inviting extra guests in the evening and/or the time of you meal, you may want to provide food later on. We can cater for this as well.